17 May 2018  | Eindhoven  |  NL

Dutch Machine Vision Conference
This completely new conference focusses on trends in machine vision technology and offers a strong programme of presentations on various subjects. 

14 June 2018  | Den Bosch  |  NL

Dutch System Architecting Conference
This completely new conference focusses on system architecting, which is a distinguishing discipline in the development and commercialization of complex systems, products and machines.

10 October 2018  |  Eindhoven  |  NL

Software-Centric Systems Conference
Annual conference on the engineering challenges of current and future software systems

11 October 2018  |  Eindhoven  |  NL

Smart Systems Summit
Annual event connecting professionals in connected devices

28 November 2018  |  Nijmegen |  NL

Benelux RF Conference
Annual conference on high-end RF development and RF applications

7 March 2018  |  Nijmegen  |  NL

Dutch Ultra Low Power Conference
Brings together Belgian and Dutch professionals and companies involved in the development and application of devices with ultra low power technologies

22 March 2018  |  Eindhoven  |  NL

High-Tech Systems 2018
Annual conference and exhibition for the high-end machine and system engineering industry