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At Techwatch we can handle all of your marketing and content needs for the high-tech industry. We offer content services, organize (online) events (and offer them as a service) and we create and host webinars, podcasts and videos.

The high tech is by far the most exiting industry to work for. Here you meet people who really have a positive impact on society. Techwatch plays a vital role in this environment: with the publications Bits&Chips and Mechatronica&Machinebouw, several (online) events and the training courses from High Tech Institute we strengthen the high tech ecosystem and make it healthier by suppling independent knowledge and information.

Techwatch bv

Techwatch is a publishing house, established in 1999. Techwatch has a office and studio in Nijmegen.

Magazines (digital and print)

Techwatch is a full-service media platform and publisher of two magazines: Bits&Chips (English) and High-Tech Systems Magazine (Dutch).

Have a look at the mediakits for more information, like circulation profile or the editorial calendar

Content as a service

Quality content is the key to successful marketing and recruitment, so make sure you hire the best technology writers to do the job. Techwatch is a content specialist in the high-tech field. You can hire our editors to write your story.

The benefits of our content services

By hiring Techwatch to generate your English or Dutch content, you kill two birds with one stone. You generate top-quality pieces for your newsletters, website, and social media and receive instant international exposure through our established media ecosystem for the high-tech industry.

Our tech writers can help you cut costs and save time. Hiring a PR agency or an extra force costs more than our editors. Additionally, our experienced editors can create top-quality content and readable articles much faster than your own people, who don’t write on a daily basis.

Coverage, flexibility and exposure

There are several benefits to hiring the Bits&Chips team. The first is coverage: we’ll write your articles and press releases, turn them into accompanying items for your websites and social media channels. The second is flexibility: if you’d rather write your own content, no problem. We’re happy to guide you through your creative process and advise you on how to reach your goals. And then there’s exposure: we’ll edit your content to Bits&Chips’ house style and publish it on our website at no extra charge, giving you instant visibility on the Netherlands’ most widely read high-tech information portal.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • native English (US) or Dutch
  • technology in clear language
  • correct in terms of technical content
  • dissemination through our media


At Techwatch we offer virtual solutions for remote events. We facilitate webinars, training courses, lectures and network sessions.

Techwatch organizes their own events and conferences for the hightech industry. Additionally, we help you with organizing your event. An event is a great way to promote your product, company or organization.

Hire Techwatch to organize your (online) event 

At Techwatch we combine our profound knowledge of the high-tech industry and our experience in event management with the perfect tool to organize virtual events. Via a unique virtual event concept we offer networking events, which are very valuable in times where we cannot physically attend conferences. 

Virtual event with interactive audience

Our latest solution for organizing virtual events is a network tool where you can actually meet people and talk to them as if you meet them in real life. The virtual events can take place at any location or in our studio. Our digital live events stand out from the rest; it ensures that your audience stays engaged throughout the conference.


Do you want to promote a product or service from you company to an online audience? Let us organize your webinar.

Live event

We have been organizing events: exhibitions, conferences and training courses for over 20 years. We can help you with the organization of your live event from A-Z.

We can also help with hybrid event solutions for (hopefully) the near future.