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In 2019 Techwatch organized the following events:

13 March 2019  |  Den Bosch |  NL

Dutch Machine Learning Conference
The Dutch Machine Learning Conference brings together industrial and scientific specialists who are applying ML techniques in high tech domains, or are interested in doing so.

11 April 2019  |  Eindhoven  |  NL

High-Tech Systems 2019
The annual conference with a focus on high-end system engineering and disruptive mechatronics. This years conference covers the following topics: Smart Manufacturing, Optomechatronics, and Advanced Thermal Design.

9-10 May 2019 |  Eindhoven  |  NL

Reliability Seminar
In two days, presentations about various aspects of reliability in system and product development will be presented and discussed.

20 June 2019  | Den Bosch  |  NL

Dutch System Architecting Conference
Experience is an important factor, but the system architect can also learn a lot from his peers. Exchanging lessons learned from successful and failed development cases is invaluable to sharpen his mind.

25 September 2019 | Eindhoven | NL

Software-Centric Systems Conference
The leading software engineering conference in Europe for sharing best practices in the crucial and strategic discipline of complex software development.

30 October 2019 | Eindhoven | NL

Machine Vision Conference
Learn about the latest trends in machine vision technology.

31 October 2019 | Eindhoven | NL

Digital Twin Conference
At the first Digital Twin Conference, you will hear the true story about digital twinning. Get inspired by many examples from a broad set of domains.

28 November 2019 | Nijmegen | NL

Benelux RF Conference
Annual conference on high-end RF development and RF applications