Techwatch is a magazine publishing house with two publications for the high-tech industry. Our sister company Techwatch Books has a webshop with technical books.

Bits&Chips (in English) strengthens the high tech ecosystem in the Netherlands and Belgium and makes it healthier by supplying independent knowledge and information. Bits&Chips focuses on news and trends in embedded systems, electronics, mechatronics and semiconductors. Our coverage revolves around the influence of technology.

High-Tech Systems Magazine (in Dutch, formerly Mechatronica&Machinebouw) is the leading trade magazine for high-end machinery and systems engineering in the Netherlands and Belgium. High-Tech Systems Magazine informs about trends and developments in all major basic techniques and technology, such as precision engineering, materials science, design technology, systems integration, industrial automation, vision, robotics and electrical and mechanical motion and drive technology.

The webshop of Techwatch Books offers a variety of top literature for the high-tech industry (a.o. about world chip leader ASML) with publications in Dutch, as well as in English.